Things to know about an ALIVE internship:

We believe in excellence.

But it doesn't happen because of money, equipment, or resources.

It happens because of people.

They are our most valuable resource. We have seen God move in big ways when we empower people to lead. Empowerment develops gifts and talents that we already have, and activates those that are just waiting for a spark to ignite them. 

As ALIVE continues to grow, we more desperately need people who can lead the way in excellence, whether that's in outreach, production, worship, creative, or pastoral roles. We're calling this an internship, but in reality this is an opportunity for you to step onto the frontlines of ALIVE. We want to tap into your potential and watch God do big things with it. This isn't a "make me coffee and run errands" kind of internship. 

This is a complete integration into our team.

Skills can be improved and knowledge can be gained, so we'll take you as you are—but expect to be pushed way beyond that. If you love the Lord and have a passion for doing things well, you will fit right in with us. 

This won't be a one-size-fits-all internship. Just as everyone has a diverse set of skills and interests, we have a diverse set of needs. 

(just to name a few)

If you're gifted at playing the bass but also want to get better at graphic design, we'll put you to work and challenge you to grow in both. We'll use you where you're most needed, but also help you find your sweet spot along the way. 

We want to develop you into a leader.

Good leaders are just as spiritually mature as they are skilled. We'll help you become such a leader. Along with guiding you in your work assignments, we will pour into you spiritually through personal teaching and discipleship.

Think of it as a full body/spirt workout. 

Each internship will look different, but one thing's for sure, you will discover talents you didn't know you had, and recognize that you have them for a purpose. What you do will help us present the Gospel in fresh ways that connect with people.

If that sounds like something you'd like to be part of, click the button below.