Hi, I'm Meg

HELLOOO friends!

My name is Meg.

I'm the gal who occasionally welcomes you at the beginning of ALIVE.  Some would describe me as vivacious and animated. Others might say I’m goofy and shameless... I'll let you decide.

Basically, I'm a jack of all trades. I help wherever hands are needed and love what I get to do! Initially, I assisted with graphics, branding, women's discipleship and any planning that needed an extremely detail oriented person. Now I help facilitate a women's small group on Tuesday nights and host our Firstfruits orientation.

I'm privileged to say I've been here from the beginning when ALIVE was just an idea.  My husband, Alexander, is the minister who shared a bold vision with our launch team and I got to see it come to life!

Before becoming a Mrs. I was a Miss raised in the mountains of Asheville, NC, which is where my love for nature, hiking, and exceptional scenery began.  During the incredibly awkward teenage years, I discovered my knack for talking a lot and decided to pursue a bachelor of Communication Studies at UNC-Charlotte.  Upon graduation in December 2010 I moved to Miami, FL in hopes of landing a meaningful job.  Aside from being able to speak to a wall, I discovered my passion to make a difference for others. I began working with an organization called Fundraising for the Future aimed at bettering children’s lives in low-income areas.

This was a stepping stone to the radical heart change I encountered in that season.

Once my world was beautifully wrecked, it was time to leave FL and return home to North Carolina.  More on that later!

Upon settling back in from a shoreline view to cascading mountains, I met my husband, Alexander.  One word: AMAZING.  He was my first pure, Christ-centered relationship and constantly pushed me towards Jesus.  

We courted for a short period and got married in October 2013.  I believe our obedience in dating has overflowed into a blessed marriage!  He continues to encourage my growth personally and spiritually...we're better together.  To be honest, I could go on and on about his dapper appearance, great personality and witty nature, but I’ll spare you the mushy talk.

This year we announced that our family will be expanding (along with my stomach) as we introduce our first baby girl to the world February 2016.  All I can say is… not ONCE have I wanted pickles or ice cream.  

But on the other hand, baked potatoes have been glorious!  

One of my most fond memories has to be sharing the news with our parents.  My mother-in-law was totally caught off-guard, while my mom danced, twirled and screamed.  I’m being gracious in sharing the emotion in their responses.  Click here to see for yourself...
You’re welcome.  

Now I have a new excuse to perfect the hobbies I adore…cooking, crafting, and renovation.  Creating our nursery has been so much fun! Thank you, Pinterest.  I hope to teach our little lady about embracing creativity and bringing things to life. That totally includes food.  Did I mention I love culinary excellence!?  Some would call me a foodie- I would say I’m an enthusiast.  I enjoy watching Chopped to get made from scratch ideas. I’ve even tried to master the way they nonchalantly dice vegetables and toss them in a frying pan; it’s not as easy as it looks folks.

Speaking of enthusiast…you know those women who have like 1,208,934 cats?  They not only post precious photos of their companions, but also videos, quotes, and clothes to show their kitty adoration.  Well, I’m not one of them, but I do enjoy our two long haired felines.  So much so that I may or may not speak to them with an accent. It was described as ‘British’...

It’s just a cat tone.  No big deal.

As a child we always had pets around the house, cockatoos, mice, cats, dogs, you name it. I guess me and the cats bonded. I mean they can go to the bathroom on their own, you receive tokens of appreciation i.e. birds on the doorstep, they determine the amount of attention received…it’s a beautiful relationship.   

Nature 7.jpg

Aside from cat accents, baby stories and hobbies, I look forward to sharing the lessons I’ve been privileged to learn on my journey.   God has shown me the beauty of renewal, confidence and surrender.  I can’t wait to grow together.

Until then,