Hi, I'm Bailey

Hello everybody! I’m Bailey.

You may have seen me greeting you on Sunday mornings as you come into ALIVE.
I'm the girl with the wildly curly hair;

and yes, it is natural.

I started coming to ALIVE in December of last year when Alexander asked me to join an ALIVE team. Loud music and worship are two of my favorite things so he didn’t have to ask twice. I have absolutely loved serving on Sunday morning, and I have enjoyed it so much that I applied for an internship at ALIVE. I've been having the best time working with everyone here and am growing a lot as a person. I’ve been working with a group of people who encourage me and push me out of my comfort zone a little in order to do some really cool things and I could not be more grateful for this opportunity I have been given!

 I originally came to First Christian in the third grade and was baptized two years later on May 3, 2009. While I consider Johnson City, TN my home I was born in the big city of Charlotte, NC. I moved to Tennessee in March 2003 and have loved living here ever since. I love dancing. If you ever see me in public or even during worship I am usually dancing, swaying, or moving in some way to whatever song is playing in my head or out loud for everyone to hear.

The good thing is I actually am a trained dancer.

I’ve been dancing with Trinity Arts Center for seven years and have loved every moment of it. My first dance class was classical ballet and now I am taking ballet, hip hop, and jazz; I also assist in teaching pre-ballet and ballet basics classes. It’s a way to worship God and tell others the stories of his love in a creative way. The stage is where I feel at home and confident in myself whether I am dancing or acting.

My second home, Trinity Arts Center

I love Pinterest! I have over five thousand pins on my page. My boards are usually filled with things I want, but will never have, or creative projects I hope to complete one day. There is also a whole board dedicated to things that I find hilarious! Puns are my absolute favorite. It's the little things in life that bring me joy. If you want to know more about me just take a look at my Pinterest and you’ll get a good idea of who I am.

Getting to know people is something I truly enjoy. I love listening to people’s stories and gaining new relationships. I especially love being surrounded by people who can push me to be a better Christian. Also, I am a natural encourager to the people around me. I have been known to leave notes and text messages to cheer people up or brighten their day. It brings me a lot of joy to make others happy.

I am at a crazy point in my life right now. I will be graduating May 27th of this year which means that right now I am trying to figure out where I want to go to college and what my major is going to be and how to do adult things. I have a handful of possible majors in mind, but it keeps changing so who knows what I’ll end up doing in the fall. Right now I am considering Communications in Photojournalism. Capturing memories in photographs and writing out the stories behind them is something I love to do. It is a great way to share stories of how God has worked in people’s lives and changed them for the better. While life may be crazy I could not be more excited for the amazing things God has in store for me and the plan he has for my life!

Now that you’ve gotten to know me a little bit I would love to get to know more of you. Let’s go get a cup of coffee, go for a hike, or just hangout some time. Hope y’all have a blessed day!