Hi, I'm Josh

Hey guys and gals! I’m Josh Buckles.

This is my view of ALIVE. I'm very familiar with the backs of your heads. —And this colorful audio contraption

I’m one of those people you never really see at ALIVE. I’m there every week, but my role is behind the scenes. It’s better that way. But I’m still worth getting to know! 

I serve as ALIVE's Worship Producer, meaning, I’m in charge of any production-related areas such as lighting, sound and what ends up on the screen. Beyond that, it’s my job to make sure the flow of the service is going smoothly and everything is working as it should.

I’m obsessed with technology and fascinated by how things work, which makes my job at ALIVE pretty easy. While most people are turned off by complex tech problems, that’s where I thrive! In fact, the shrill of a feeding back microphone calms my soul. Yeah… Just kidding. But I really do love learning fancy new equipment. Plus, shiny things make me really happy.

Seriously. If I see anything shiny, you’ve lost me. 

That might in part explain my love for Christmas. Seriously, I am a Christmas-aholic. I love everything about it. Winter, cookies, snowmen, fireplaces, and yes, I am that person who listens to Christmas music in July. Don’t judge. I have 329 Christmas songs. They deserve attention year round.

Exhibit A.

Exhibit A.

Exhibit B.

Exhibit B.

I was born and raised right here in the Tri-Cities. —Bristol to be more specific. Please note that there are two sides of Bristol and I am from the better side, the Virginia side (#represent). The Tennessee side is just… ew. I went to good ole Virginia High School, home of the Bearcats. (even though our mascot is definitely Tony the Tiger) I currently go to Milligan College, home of the Buffaloes, and I’m excited to say that I only have one more year left! After which, I plan on continuing my career in church production.

What’s crazy is I’ve only been going to ALIVE since December. In that time, I’ve learned that there’s definitely something special about the people that attend and are actively involved in ALIVE. From the first time I walked through the doors when my friend Michael asked me to run sound as a fill-in, I instantly felt welcomed. Almost ten months later, I haven’t left.

Either I’m being kidnapped or I just love it here. That’s for you to decide.

This time three months or so ago, I would say that I am most definitely an introvert. But I think as my role expands to involve others, I’m having to learn how to be more outgoing and engaging. It’s actually rather fun coming out of my shell!

As a public demonstration of this, here are 5 things you should know about me.

  1. Buddy the Elf is my hero

  2. I’m terribly afraid of spiders and clowns

  3. I run on Dunkin’ (and bacon)

  4. I love my friends —They keep me going

  5. I’m passionate about technology that makes life easier

You can expect more posts from me that deal with things like technology, the pursuit of perfect salsa, making new memories, and of course, Christmas.

Now that you know I exist, stop by the sound booth sometime and say hello! I’ll show you the shiny toys I get to play with every Sunday. Maybe I’ll even recruit you to join the Production team to try them out yourself! You should be so lucky.

Until then, don’t be an angry elf.